Our Privacy Statement Regarding Our Free Prescription Discount Card, Advertisers and Affiliates

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect about you to better organize the National Prescription Discounts web site and to contact you via e-mail, should you request that we do so. For further information, read on...

What Data Do We Obtain? 

We monitor our site visitors' usage of the National Prescription Discounts web site to better determine how to organize the web site and which pages and forums visitors are viewing and utilizing. 

The site statistics collected may include:

  • the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet (example: AOL.com or Prodigy.com)
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer or network you are using
  • the browser you're using (example: Netscape or Internet Explorer)
  • your operating system (example: Windows or MAC) the date and time you visitedNational Prescription Discounts and the pages you viewed
  • the address of the web site you came from prior to visiting National Prescription Discounts

An IP address is a set of numbers automatically assigned to your computer or network whenever you access the Internet. The web servers that host National Prescription Discounts automatically identify your computer or network by the IP address assigned to it. We do not ordinarily associate an individual's IP address to his/her personal information. We will have a record of your visit to our site, but your identity generally remains anonymous to us. We match IP addresses to the identify of users of our site when we feel it necessary in order to protect our site and/or other users.

If you fill out and submit a web site form or e-mail us, we may store the information stated on the form or within your e-mail. Forms are located on a secure server, therefore information submitted by you cannot be read at the time of submission. For your convenience, form data and e-mail correspondence are not sent to National Prescription Discounts via encrypted technology (PGP, etc.), so contents may be read by others during transmission. Use your discretion when submitting private information, as you would with typical e-mail correspondence. 

Cookies are data stored, upon initiation of scripts run by the web sites you visit, on your computer's hard drive. National Prescription Discounts affiliates may use cookies for your convenience when making purchases at the affiliates' websites.

Does National Prescription Discounts Share, Sell, or Disclose the Information It Collects? 

National Prescription Discounts does not share site visitors' information with third parties other than the host of the web site, as outlined above. 

Links to Other Web Sites 
We provide links to web sites we feel present relevant, novel, helpful information. Despite our review, web sites and their content are constantly changing. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for content on other web sites. If you have questions about information at another web site, look for the site's privacy statement. The National Prescription Discounts pages have a consistent "look". If you see a different look to the pages, you're probably no longer at the National Prescription Discounts web site. 

Third-Party Relationships 

Our web site is hosted on an outsourced web server which may change, as needed, without notice to our site visitors. This company has access to the site's traffic statistics and may use those statistics to analyze their customers' disk usage and site traffic. 

We are an affiliate of Amazon and Commission Junction and receive a payment from part of the price of purchases made when individuals click from our site to these affiliates. 

Please visit these third-parties' web sites and read their privacy statements if you have concerns about how they will use the information received. Third-party sites are not covered by our privacy statement. 

Contact Information: 

info@National Prescription Discounts.com
Your Consent 
By using our web site, you consent to the collection and use of this information byNational Prescription Discounts. We reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time. If we change our privacy statement, we will note the changes on this page. Our intent is that you remain aware of the data we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances it may be shared with third parties.