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Take advantage of our free customer card. It allows us include you in one of the best values in pharmacy discounts.  No need to wait for Health Care Reform.  While no prescription discount program can replace a prescription insurance program, this can be used when you find the discount cost is cheaper than your co-pay, or you are faced with paying full price due to limits or lack of prescription drug coverage (i.e. a high deductible or the medicare "donut hole").


National Prescription Discount Card NEW BENEFITS
rxBIN 011677
rxGRP 19341


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Pharmacy discounts are Not Insurance and are Not Intended as a substitute for Insurance

Discount Prescriptions

Pharmacist Information:  This is a discount prescription drug card and is free to our members.  Please take the above processing codes and enter into your system with our members prescription information.  Thank you for helping contain the high cost of medical care.